• Autism Advocacy Network

    The Autism Advocacy Network utilizes machine learning and data science to empower self-advocacy. As a social assistive technology platform, AAN provides self-advocates with the tools needed to be heard at no cost to the advocate. We hope to eliminate the monetary barriers for those who wish to self-advocate by offering technologies that are available to large non-profits while preserving HIPAA privacy.

  • What is AAN?

    The Autism Advocacy Network is not a business, for-profit organization, or commercial brand. It’s part of a movement called the autism rights movement that formed as a byproduct of the right to assemble and the right to freedom of speech. AAN offers access to tools that help with self-advocacy, overcoming social barriers, and other assistive technology created by autistic individuals. These inventions are made by individuals who value social reciprocity for autistic people and the rights of individuals on the spectrum. Nothing for us without us.

  • Diversity of ideas

    People in the autistic community have different ideas and come from many backgrounds. Autism Advocacy Network celebrates this diversity by offering advocates a platform to explore different ideas without enforcing a dictated autism advocact agenda. We help to protect people’s privacy while empowering them to participate in public advocacy discussions. Feel free to be yourself, without restrictions on how you may agree or disagree with others.

  • What tools does AAN offer?

    Autism Advocacy Network offers official yourname@autismadvocacynetwork.com email addresses to verified individuals with autism. When combined with in-house data science tools, this allows you or someone you know to reach out publicly. This includes reciprocating with the news media, politicians, and other influencers in an easy and credible way, without harming your privacy. These powerful social tools can help us collaborate in ways that could change the world. We believe your private identity is your business and that your right to be heard should not require violations of your privacy that risk retaliatory discrimination.

  • How do I join?

    If you are an individual with a formal diagnosis, all you have to do is provide some paperwork to a medical doctor or a credentialed specialist capable of diagnosing autism. The Autism Advocacy Network will provide you with an ID number and the professional, once verified, will be contacted to verify the ID number is associated with a person who is diagnosed as on the spectrum. AAN respects your HIPAA and other privacy rights. Free memberships will be offered soon.

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